Kori Hargreaves

Kori Hargreaves

Kori grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains, and spent her childhood in the gardens, woods, bluffs, and beaches of the coast. She finds her greatest joys in making, and in her daily dialog with the natural world. She holds degrees in both studio arts and plant biology from UC Davis, and owns and operates Dawn Creek Farm in Rio Linda, CA with her husband, where they grow specialty cut flowers, veggies, and dye plants for their community.

She has spent the last decade immersed in exploring painting, natural dyes, weaving, and textile & clothing design, and founded Ecotone Threads, a company whose mission centers around the sharing of knowledge and the intersection of textile arts, science, and the natural world.

In 2016 she traveled to Laos and Vietnam, a trip devoted to studying with women still practicing traditional and modern H’mong batik and indigo dyeing—an art that combines spiritual beliefs with communication, tradition, beauty, and aesthetic mathematical precision.

For the past several years she has also been conducting independent research on Persicaria tinctoria (Japanese indigo), with the hopes of better understanding and maximizing pigment potential through refined horticulture and production practices. In art and in life, she believes in approaching perfection with humor, and technical proficiency with curiosity and shining eyes.

Visit her website at ecotonethreads.com and find her on Instagram @ecotone.threads