Wool & Equipment for Sale

Contact Heidi Harris at 1sisuheidi@gmail.com for more information.

Wool Batts

Clean and carded from the mill

1-pound bags  •  $3.00/oz.  •  $48.00/bag

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Belfast Wet Felting machine (AKA: THE BEAST)

Purchased from a mill in Winchester VA on 6/19/2013

original purchase price: $4,200
shipping: $1,511
new motor: $2,000
TOTAL PAID: $7,711


I have been using this to make 3' x 3' panels. You just put down the batting, or wool, wet it down with Dawn and make sure it is completely soaked, then run it for 20 minutes. Turn it, run it again, keep turning it and turning the piece over until it gets to the type of felt you want. Usually one hour. There is a backup motor for the beast.

Wool Picker

I used this all the time. There is now maintenance on it. It needs to be greased on the swing about every 6 months. This has been the most useful tool ever. Picked all the wool through this for the Fibershed Yurt top and many, many pieces I have made. It's such a simple design and effective.

Purchased on 3/18/14 for $595

On Etsy they are now $950


Pedro's Rollers for sale

Pedro's Rollers

48" rollers. This is a great machine for nuno felting.

Purchased in 2014 for $1,395

ASKING: $900