Charity van der Meer

Charity van der Meer

Charity studied fashion and knitwear design at Nottingham University of Art and Design in the UK. She then moved to the Netherlands, where she developed her own unique style of creating garments using felting, sometimes combining felting and knitting in a true celebration of textile techniques.

Charity goes beyond traditional felt making and dress making, exploring endless possibilities and constantly researching new materials and techniques. Her one-of-a-kind creations are breathtaking combinations of natural fabrics, raw materials and organic fibers. Her commitment to the sustainable use of wool inspired her to create the Sharit Ethical Fashion line, which is rapidly becoming a recognizable brand in the Netherlands.

She loves to share her knowledge of garment felting — an ancient method of garment creation — using her own found and tested techniques, and has taught in Africa, North and South America, Europe and New Zealand.

Here’s an interview with Charity.

Sharit Ethical Fashion:

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2018 WORKSHOP OFFERED: Nuno Felted Garments / June 22-24